Be on the lookout this March for our Easter items in store!
We highly recommend pre-ordering with our sales staff in-store or call us at 703-321-3670
Order Deadline for Easter Sunday is... 
Please give 72 hours advance notice on all orders.

- Easter Weekend: Saturday & Sunday Phone Service Will Be Unavailable -
 Thank you for your understanding!


Hot Cross Buns
A soft sweet bun, lightly spiced with cardamom and lemon zest, studded with candied orange peel, and marked with a fondant icing cross. 

German Easter Bread
Rich yeast bread with golden raisin, almond slices, lemon and orange zest, decorated with pearl sugar and toasted almonds.
Colomba di Pasqua
Soft Italian Easter bread, with candied orange, 7 whole almonds, and a traditional hazelnut meringue crust. This bread is shaped into a dove to symbolize the coming of Spring.
Bunny Bun
Our soft, buttery Zopf dough, shaped into a bunny with raisin eyes and pearl sugar.

Lemon Meringue Tart
House-made flaky tart shell filled with smooth lemon curd and fluffy toasted meringue topping.
Carrot Cake Cupcake
Moist and flavorful carrot cake cupcake with velvety cream cheese frosting.
Bunny Bomb
A rich coconut mousse, fresh passion fruit mousse, placed on a light coconut dacquoise base. Finished with Chocolate Bunny Décor.
Easter Fondant Cookies
Vanilla and Chocolate cookies dipped and designed with fondant icing in the shapes of: Colorful Easter Eggs, Bunnies, and Spring Chicks.

Swiss Bakery Chocolate Kinder Egg
Our take on a Kinder Surprise Egg. Hand-made white chocolate eggshell, coated with milk chocolate, and decorated with Easter décor. A little toy is hidden inside the egg by our pastry team.


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