Our bread is baked fresh daily by our skilled bakers. The recipes that we have used for the past 20 years of business are from various regions of Switzerland.

We offer a variety every day. Our most popular items are Wurzelbrot Dark or Rustic, German Sourdough Rye, Suisse Boulle and Brotchen or Snowflake Rolls. 

For Basler, St.Galler or Walliser please pre-order 72 hours in advance.

Breads & Rolls

Every morning our Breakfast Pastry case is filled with freshly glazed danishes, flaky chocolate croissants, sugar crusted scones and ham & cheese croissants to name a few. Many are made with a European style Pastry dough that is soft, buttery and flaky. We try to stay true to our roots with our Apple Strudel which is made from a Traditional Swiss Recipe. 

On weekends only we have our decadent sticky buns!


Our freshly baked specialty cookies are sold by weight and can be bagged or boxed. 

We make Apple, Cherry, Frangipane and St Moritz tarts. Our St. Moritz tart recipe is very special to us and we are proud to offer it year round! 


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